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How to clean your Madan Pin Brushes*:

* Washing your brush will deteriorate the cushion. Please only wash when necessary. Dogs do not have a lot of oil on their skin & hair, so it is not necessary to wash the brush. Unless there's heavy build up of styling products, only then,  should it be washed off with water. I highly recommend spraying styling products directly on a comb instead of the brush. SPRAY combs are designed exactly for this. It's easier to clean off & distributes the styling product onto the hair more efficiently.

Madan & TopLinePet is not responsible for pins falling out of cushions after the brush has been washed.

  1. Remove as much hair from the cushion of the brush by using the wide side of the comb.
  2. Fill the sink with warm water (enough to cover the padding of the brush).
  3. Add a tiny drop of baby shampoo or any mild pet shampoo if styling products have built up on the cushion.
  4. Immerse the brush in the water for a min or 2.
  5. If any debris is left on the cushion, remove with a toothbrush (soft preferred) or q-tips.
  6. Rinse with cool water.
  7. Shake out as much water from the cushion without pushing into the cushion. Please note: pushing into the cushion might disrupt the embedded pins. Please use caution.
  8. The 2 holes on the cushion will allow the water to flow out.
  9. Leave pin side down on a towel & air dry or blow dry in cool setting.


Start w/a section of hair, brushing downwards in layers (horizontally) working your way up. Brushing this way will ensure all the hairs are smoothed out & the tangles are worked out. This works best for short to medium length hair. For long hair, start brushing the hair from the end tip, working your way up. Used together w/line brushing, the end result will be shiny smooth tangle free hair.

For best results, please use a good conditioning/ detangling spray before brushing to minimize breakage.


High Rubbing Areas:

Are areas in the arm pits, inner thighs, belly.

Trying to work out a tangle in these areas are not recommended as they're very sensitive parts of the body.

You do not want to associate brushing/ grooming time as ouch time.

It is best to keep these areas trimmed by shaving or cutting the hair off w/blunt nosed scissors. Use caution when using scissors. DO NOT pull the hair from the skin. This will cause the skin to stretch out & you do not want to accidentally cut the skin. Use a comb or your fingers to lift the hair away from the skin & only cut what's sticking out.

Some other areas where they tend to tangle are:

Head, Ears, Chest, Rump & Tails

Harness & clothing causes major tangles, don't leave them on for too long without brushing!

Pay special attention to these areas when brushing. If you encounter a tangle, line brush & be tangle free!


If you're going to keep your pup in a short-med cut, get any of the SMALL Pin Brushes. You can also go w/any of the OBLONG Pin Brushes. Keep in mind that these have the firmest cushion, so it would be best for pups that tolerate brushing. Both the Small & Oblong brushes are excellent @ brushing out tangles.

If your short-med hair length pup is over 20 lbs, I recommend getting the REGULAR sized Pin Brush. If they don't tangle, hair might be prone to breakage & have silky hair, get the very soft or medium cushion.

If they tangle easily, get the medium cushion.

If you have a pup w/full length coat/hair, I recommend getting the Regular & Small or Oblong pin brushes. It's up to you, you can go w/1 brush according to size or type of hair. For example, if you have a 5 lbs Yorkie in Show Coat & she doesn't tangle, go w/the Small brush (you might want to get a Reg size in medium cushion to brush her body). If you have a 15 lbs Shih Tzu in Show Coat, go w/the Regular brush in Medium cushion (you might want to get an oblong brush to line brush & remove any shedding hair).

This is just a guide, there's no wrong brush for your pup's hair type. Some of you will prefer a softer brush & some will prefer a firmer cushion. Just like the shape of the brush, some will prefer the oblong & some will prefer the oval shape.


No Matter what length of hair/coat your pup has, the 4.5" Mustache Comb is a must have. It has a fine side like a flea comb & it will catch all tangles. It will also comb out eye gunk (please moisten the area w/a wet wash cloth before removing). The 4" Face Comb is also available in all ultra super fine teeth.

If your pup is kept in a short-med length hair style, it's entirely up to you to get a bigger comb, it is optional/personal preference. It really depends on the size of your pup. If they are under 10 lbs, the 4.5" Mustache Comb will be all you need. If they are a bigger pup, you can either also get a 6" Ringside Comb or 7.5" Grooming Comb. I also recommend bigger lighter combs, like the 7.5" Aluminum Comb to those suffering from arthritis, it is easier to grip & handle.

If your pup is in a full length coat, getting a bigger comb is ideal for finishing.

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